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The Project

LIREA project aims at fostering the fully integration of 3rd Country Nationals in Member States’ society, enhancing the capacity of hosting societies in implementing innovating and transnational solutions for improving integration of 3rd countries national victim of trafficking.

LIREA project starts from the idea that the integration of migrants, especially of victims of trafficking, is a complex process that starts from the social rehabilitation and pass through the economic inclusion. In this way, in a long-term impact, a full integration in hosting societies and in the labour market is ensured. This is essential for their overall integration and positive economic impact in the receiving societies; they can help improve the functioning and performance of the labour market, as well as support fiscal sustainability.

The project aims to pass from a national-based social inclusion process (top-down approach) to a wider one (bottom-up approach), composed by both social and economic full integration, carried out  by Member States and by European Union as a whole. It is precisely because this is a “two way process”, that it’s preferable speaking about socio-economic integration, for enhancing the importance of double level of project intervention, on people and on systems. This fully integration model involves a process of systemic reform embodying changes and modifications in content, methods, approaches, structures and strategies – long term impact lied here – to overcome barriers with a vision serving to provide all victims of trafficking the access to an equitable and participatory society.

Expected Outcomes



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